Junior High Summer Camp

Daily, July 24–28, 2020 | 12 am


This event has already occured.
Our camps have had a lot of change in the past two months, alongside the change going on in our world the last two months. We are committed to pursuing a camp experience for our students, as long as the Arizona government allows it and the Covid-19 virus continues to show signs of decreasing. 

Therefore, if at any point during this process leading up to camp, we have to cancel because of the conditions above, we will gladly refund you for the amount you put down for you or your student to go to camp.

With that being said, camp will be held in Prescott, Arizona at UCYC from July 24th - 28th. The overall price would normally be $355 per student, but with the money raised from our Student Ministry Camp Fundraiser in March, we are able to only charge $200 for our junior high school students!

We can’t wait to hangout with our students at camp in July!
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Hello, I’m Russell Wilson. If you have questions or comments, feel free to contact me.

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