Junior High Summer Camp

June 13 - 17 | 12 am

UCYC in Prescott

This year our Jr. High Summer Camp will be at UCYC in Prescott, AZ from June 13th - 17th.  Students entering 7th and 8th grade are invited to join us for this 5-day experience full of recreation, community, worship, fun, and connection. Your students will rock climb, swim, make new friends, create crafts, paintball, and conquer our zip line, giants ladder, or leap of faith. Most importantly, in one week at camp, students will encounter the God who knows them, who loves them & who wants to have a relationship with them.


The theme for Jr. High Summer Camp is LEGACY.

As Christians in the 21st Century, we often forget or take for granted the rich history of 2,000 years of this Jesus-movement we are a part of. Everything we know, teach, and believe about God can be traced back to a rag-tag bunch of fisherman who spent three years with God in the flesh and kicked off a world-altering movement (by the power of the Holy Spirit, of course). We want to help our students not only fully understand the Gospel, but to see the deep connection to a story that God has been unfolding since Genesis 1. We are part of the movement of God, and there is so much stability and comfort that can be found in recognizing that we are standing on the shoulders of spiritual giants who were directly used by God Himself. 

To do that, we are going to hang out in the book of 1 Peter primarily. Peter was the key leader of the first Church that sprang up in Jerusalem, so he’s a great figurehead for the movement of God in the New Covenant era through ordinary men and women. In addition to that, the first letter he wrote to suffering churches in Asia Minor contains incredible insights and encouragements about exactly what Jesus has done for us and how we are to live as members of the Church. As we go through this week together, we’ll be consistently pointing to our membership in the family of God around the world and throughout time, not just our local youth group within our local church.”


Total camp costs are $450 but we are offering subsidies from our Student Gala fundraiser as well as Early Registration Discounts! So sign up early to save big! Registration closes on May 23rd.

  • March 21st - 31st = $300
  • April 1st - 30th= $350
  • May 1st - 23rd = $400

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